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Dedicated to Providing Mental Health
Care Services to the Bronzeville Community.

Equal access to mental health services to anyone and everyone in need.


The Bronzeville Expanded Mental Health Service Program Governing Commission works to
expand access to and to increase the quality of mental health services available to residents in
this service area.

Our Charge


In keeping with the model of community-based mental health care, the BEMHSP Program will meet the needs of residents who need the assistance of their communities in overcoming or coping with mental or emotional health needs, with a special focus on early intervention and prevention. The BEMHSP Program is authorized by the Community Expanded Mental Health Services Act—approved by referendum in 2020—and funded by our community.

Community Approved Mental Health Services Program Seeks Service Provider for a New Mental Health Center


Kindly direct any press inquiries to (312) 487-3791.

For those interested in applying to be the service provider, any questions should be directed to Commissioner Dr. Angela Ali by email at

Better Care Starts with You!

Request For Proposal

Learn more about the Community Expanded
Mental Health Services Act

Please read these carefully to ensure you complete all required information.

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